RU Shop Points & Airdrops

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Fancy a tasty airdrop to help you on your way?

Maybe you want to buy the server a Massdrop because you're feeling nice!

Bored of AFKing for points? Buy some and save waiting!

Please note shop points wipe ONCE a month on the force wipe

10 Points [RU]
0.50 GBP
25 Points [RU]
1.25 GBP
50 Points [RU]
2.50 GBP
100 Points [RU]
5.00 GBP
250 Points [RU]
10.00 GBP
500 Points [RU]
20.00 GBP
10 Airdrops [RU]
5.00 GBP
5 Airdrops [RU]
2.50 GBP
2 Airdrops [RU]
1.25 GBP